The Raddest Links in Town, Ma Damies...
"Look honey, its another self-centered prick driving a Hummer!" Now say it with a DUMMER shirt created by the mastermind Mike Green and crafted by The Box.
The Insidious Rays are the shining hope for the future of experimental rockin' groove. They bring down the house, especially the Funhouse in hometown Bethlehem, PA. Listen and Love.
The Sound of Urchin from New York will ROCK YOUR BALLS OFF. Ladies, you too! Spread the love!
From hoodies to baby onesies: printed gear for mama's, papa's and little ones. Designs by fellow gypsy traveler Taylor Swope.
The name says it all, folks. You can find the sweetest homemade hippie gear, from dreadlock tams to hemp guitar straps all made by the amazing fingers of Rin the Red.
Fellow wonderers of the planet, Nomadic State of Mind. You can find handmade sandals, rope art accessories, and ol' fashioned good times.
The Frank Zappa Tribute de Excellence and Squeezebox's first custom design clients. A must see for any experimental music head. Catch them on one of their national tours and say hi to the Lorax at the merch booth.
The man, the mind, the music of Roberto "Seahag" Mangano. Lots of fun mp3 downloads, writings, crazy photos... more fun than a barrel of sea monkeys.


The Squeezebox Slingin' Crew at Bonnaroo 2004.

Davetaster (of Insidious Rays and Project/Object) and Ariana at the NYC RNC Protests.

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